Survey on research data management

The Swedish Research Council is conducting this survey regarding current practises and available support functions for research data management. This work is part of a commissioned project to coordinate activities about Open Access data.

Within the Swedish Research Council's assignment to coordinate the national work of introducing open access to research data, we have appointed a working group for national coordination of data management plans, as part of supporting open access to research data. As part of the activities of this working group, we would like to investigate to via this survey what data management and open access look like in practice.

1. At which university do you work?
2. What is your current role?
3. What is your main field of research?
4. To what extent are you familiar with the FAIR Data Principles?
5. Are you actively working towards making your research data FAIR?
6. Are there well-established practices for the sharing of research data within your discipline?
7. Are there well-established standards for metadata (content, format, etc.) within your discipline?
8. Are there policies for data management at your university?
9. Are there policies for open and/or controlled access to research data produced at your university?
10. Please grade your experiences of the following from easy (1) to hard (4):
Using IT services for data management (e.g. for storing/transfering/publishing data).
Creating data management plans.
Creating data documentation.
Complying with policies and requirements from my institution.
Complying with policies and requirements from funders.
Complying with policies and requirements from publishers.
Complying with legislation (intellectual property rights, GDPR, etc.)
11. Please grade your access to support services:
 I don't know.Lacking.Somewhat lacking.Good.Excellent.
Policies, guidelines/templates and best practices documentation.
Data management support staff (e.g. from university libraries, core facilities, research infrastructures).
IT services.
Technical support for IT services.
12. Select technical services available to you at your institution (please check), either locally
or as a procured/recommended service:
13. Select three areas that you think are most important to facilitate
14. Please provide a rough estimate of the data volumes that you generate annually in your research
15. Indicate the main type of data that you generate in the list below:
16. Do you generate or use sensitive/confidential data?
17. General remarks regarding research data management, open access, and FAIR data: